Use Public Service Announcements to Inform, Educate and Empower

TenacityMedia™ develops and places public service announcements. Our focus is working with clients interested in using public service announcements to promote causes or to educate broadcast, cable or internet audiences. TenacityMedia™ develops message content, produces and distributes targeted public service announcements to national, regional and local broadcast  and cable media, both radio and television. We also upload PSAs and public affairs content to internet sites.


In addition to placing PSAs, we schedule guests for news and public affairs radio and television programs. TenacityMedia™ helps clients continue their brand building activities through the promotion of their “community citizenship” and “stewardship” activities by providing useful and interesting program content that informs and educates.


TenacityMedia’s™ services include writing, producing and distributing, and monitoring public service announcements. Services also include guest booking for public affairs programs. We track and report the results of aired public service announcements and interviews. TenacityMedia™ produces recorded content in segments, features, and programming that can be distributed to stations in English, Spanish or other languages. TenacityMedia™ is the platform for those who want to provide specific public affairs content to broadcast and internet media in a cost efficient manner that also tracks placement results!


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